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The LED Distributorship Program is a fast expanding network of lighting distributors, dedicated to building a reputation and financial resources through high quality LED products.

This innovative and dynamic entrepreneurship has been established by LED Corporations - a market leader in the LED industry. With in-depth knowledge and vast expertise in our industry, LED Corporations offers its members amazing growth opportunities, with unprecedented profit margins.

The company has been founded in 2010 by Mr. Anthony Florence. Driven by his strong belief in the importance of green, environmentally friendly products for the preservation of our modern world, Mr. Florence has vowed to boost the market distribution of LED lighting products and accelerate the replacement of the traditional lighting systems with the new green systems.

Assembling our proven entrepreneurial management competence with a powerful business model and robust financial strength, LED Corporations has managed to break new grounds and lead the company to unprecedented achievements. Today the LED Business Opportunity is a proven success, with an evident market stronghold.

LED Corporations works collaboratively with its distributors to offer the best lightening solutions and products, keeping pace with the latest market's tendencies and developments. Our unrivaled reputation derives from our capable and skilled people who are totally dedicated to our clients' needs. They are all qualified and specialized professionals who know exactly what you need and offer optimized tailored solutions.

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