How It Works

How It Works

Joining the LED Distribution Program is Fast and Simple!

We’ve done everything possible to get you started in no time, enabling you to run a successful and profitable business. In fact, the membership signup is so efficient and well-structured that you’ll be able to sell LED products and LED solutions to your clients right away.

Here’s how to get started.

Phase 1: Application

Please fill out our short application form. Once we receive your application we will send you a confirmation email. Our team will review your request and decide if your business is eligible for our exclusive distribution network.

Phase 2: Choose Your Package

The LED Distribution Program offers its members 5 different membership packages. You can choose one of our 4 pre-defined packages, or build your own customized package. With just a few small differences designed to match your specific needs, the packages include everything you need to get your new LED business started.

Phase 3: Contract Sign Up & Payment

Once you’ve decided which of our packages fits the needs of your business, we will contact you by phone to make sure everything is clear and that we are ready for the kickoff of your business. After completing the membership contract we will send you all the branded collateral you need and build your own website.

Let’s get started!

The demand for the green, environmentally friendly LED products is growing each and every day. More and more commercial clients are replacing their old lighting systems with LED products. More and more organizations, institutions and government agencies are looking for affordable lighting solutions. With the LED Distribution Program, you have everything you need to get started and fulfil those needs. So fill out the application form now to kick off your new successful business and start a new exciting career!

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